• Completely filled up Application form
  • Original Bank Certificate from a commercial or rural bank ONLY. The type of account which are acceptable are savings and current account only should be opened at least 6 months prior to applying for visa. The account should have an average Daily Balance and To Date Balance of at least PHP 100,000 per applicant (18 years old and above), attach recent statements for 6 months OR.

  • Bank Certificate should indicate the following information: account opening date, type of account, average daily balance and to date/current balance. Attach the original Official Receipt/Debit Memo/ Certification of Waived fee. IN ADDITION to the Bank Certificate, submit the following supporting documents: (Supporting documents should have the same bank account number with the Bank Certificate and should match all other information stated in the Bank Cert.

  • Statement of Accounts detailing transactions for 6 months prior to applying for visa (Original and Photocopy of all pages) OR Passbook detailing transactions for 6 months prior to applying for visa (Original and Photocopy of all pages)

  • For Conjugal properties/investments and joint accounts, please provide proof of relationship such as  Birth Certificate or Marriage Contract issued by the N.S.O with attached receipt.(photocopy only)

  • Latest BIR-issued Income Tax Return (ITR) with BIR-received stamp and issued for the last taxable year (Original and Photocopy)

  • Applicant’s latest BIR -issued Income Tax Return (ITR) with BIR- received stamp and issued for the last taxable year ( Original and Photocopy)

  • Employment Certificate with salary details if Employed (Leave of absence from the Company)

  • Business Permit, DTI Registration, SEC Certificate, BIR 1701 Form, Financial Statement & Company Bank Certificate with Official Receipt.

  • Three (3) Valid Identification Card- SSS/ Company/ Driver’s License etc.

  • Roundtrip Air ticket (photocopy)

  • Hotel Confirmation (photocopy)

  • 2×2 Pictures with white background (2 pcs.)

  • Valid passport

  • Other documents may be required by the visa officer if necessary

  • Applicant with previous China Visa.

  • Booking Certificate

  • Note: those who were born from 1988-1993 should appear at the embassy

Visa Fee

  • SINGLE ENTRY – PHP 2,400 ( 4 working days processing)

  • DOUBLE ENTRY – PHP 3,000


  • 1 YEAR MULTIPLE – PHP 5,000

Fee includes service fee and making the appointment and calls to be made (32.00 per minute ) plus courier fee.


  • Please submit complete documents to avoid delays in processing.
  • Please do not leave any blank in the application form.
  • Kindly put “N.A.” if it’s not applicable.
  • Make sure that the back page of the passport is completely filled-up (Address, Tel Numbers and Name of Person to be contacted in case of emergency.
  • Requirements are subject to change without prior notice.


We will be more happy to assist you.